Scorpion Chef

Artisan empanadas

PROJECT BRIEF Branding design for Scorpion Chef Artisan Empanadas WHAT I DID Illustration, Logo Design, Branding, Typography, Layout, Print Production TOOLS Illustrator, Photoshop CLIENT Scorpion Chef Artisan Empanadas CREDIT Designed at Identity Graphics Services, during my position as Junior Designer


APPROACH  Scorpion Chef Artisan Empanadas are truly "Pockets of Joy!" and we wanted the branding to display that joy. The scorpion silhouette within the circle was part of their previous brand. We added the "Artisan Empanadas" in a fiery, scorpion style type, paired with a simple san serif for legibility. Scorpion Chef had given us the 4 flavor types to work with: Chicken, Beef, Breakfast and 5 Veggies. 


DELIVERABLES Throughout working with Scorpion Chef we were able to create many different design applications such as: food packaging labels, trailer decals, signs, flyers and DTG printing.