Scorpion Chef Artisan Empanadas

Illustration, Branding, Typography, Layout, Print Production

For the branding design of Scorpion Chef Artisan Empanadas, I led illustration, logo design, branding, typography, layout, and print production using Illustrator and Photoshop. The client, Scorpion Chef Artisan Empanadas, sought to convey the genuine "Pockets of Joy" essence of their product. We retained the scorpion silhouette within a circle from their previous brand and infused the "Artisan Empanadas" text with a fiery, scorpion-inspired style, complemented by a simple sans-serif font for readability.

Working closely with Scorpion Chef, we incorporated their four flavor types: Chicken, Beef, Breakfast, and 5 Veggies, into the branding. The deliverables encompassed various design applications, including food packaging labels, trailer decals, signs, flyers, and DTG printing. This project was completed during my tenure as a Junior Designer at Identity Graphics Services.


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Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Vancouver Island, BC, Canada