Community Engagement Liaison

Vancouver Island University

PROJECT BRIEF: Creation, development and management of the department's social media marketing activities relating to the Graphic Design program, Design Club and Year-end Graduation Show.  WHAT I DID Illustration, Marketing, Social Media, Copywriting, Typography, Layout. TOOLS Illustrator, Procreate, Photoshop, Instagram CLIENT Graphic Design Program at Vancouver Island University

ABOUT The Bachelor of Design in Graphic Design program at VIU is taught by professors who are graphic designers, artists, and photographers themselves. This is a hands-on program taught in studios using industry-leading technologies.


What, class again?

That’s right, it’s time to turn off Netflix and get back to work! Or at least minimize the window... Hope everyone had a great break, and is excited for the new term.

Yes, we’re still apart, but look on the bright side; we’re all a lot better at Zoom now. All of us in Graphic Design are glad to have everyone back, and to get going on the new year. Time to find a blank page in our sketchbooks and have a fresh start for the new term. Welcome back and good luck!

Frankly, we’re running out of ways to say “Boy, that was weird!” But it was.

Again. Despite all that 2020 II threw at us, you all made it through the fall term. You managed to balance being excited to be back on campus with being a little freaked out about being back on campus, and you made some great stuff while you did it.

We hope everyone has a great winter break; you’ve all earned it. Take a couple of weeks, have some fun, stay off your computers, and we’ll all tackle 2020 III in January. Happy Holidays!

Monthly Contest for GD students! Win a surprise valued at $25. How to enter:

1.) Use this month’s visual medium—Abstract Form— to answer this question: “WHAT DOES GRAPHIC DESIGN MEAN TO YOU?” with a post or story on Instagram.

2.) Explain your idea with one or two sentences.

3.) Tag us @viugraphicdesign in your post or stories and use the hashtag #viugraphicdesign (you can also personally DM this account with your entry!) Winner will be contacted Feb 21 2022

Welcome back everyone!

Once again, it’s time for a new year in the Graphic Design program. And, once again, it’s not quite the year we were hoping for, but it’s better than it could have been, and we’ve all got our fingers crossed it’s just going to get better. We’re all excited to be back on campus, and we’re excited to see what the year brings. Mask up, wash your hands, and come prepared to make great stuff!


ABOUT Stay Tuned Bio: "Despite the best efforts of 2020, 2021 2022, VIU's Graphic Design class is ready to go! Think you've already seen what we have to offer? It's time to Stay Tuned to the 2022 VIU Graphic Design Grad Show! Featuring the creative design work they built at VIU, each graduating student is here to show off the skills and enthusiasm they developed during their four years in the Graphic Design program."


APPROACH At the center of graphic design is communication. Stay Tuned is a theme that links design and communication, with a nod to the vintage TV signal communicating with the user. It also references the students to stay tuned to the upcoming grad show and for what they will create in the real world in their prosperous careers ahead. "Calibrating" is a metaphor for the crazy school years through the COVID-19 pandemic. The students constantly had to shift and reassess how they accomplished their learning.


TAKEAWAY SKILLS Support faculty and student-led initiatives to engage internal and external community members • Help develop content relating to specific • Departmental campaigns and promotional events to increase brand awareness in the community • Write, proofread, and edit content for various marketing activities, including website, and email campaigns, advertisements, and social media presence • Update and monitor all social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)