Munchie Planet

fun loving & sweet vibes

CHALLENGE Design a logo for Munchie Planet, a limited and exotic candy shop in Duncan, BC CLIENT Munchie Planet  ROLE Illustration, Typography, Layout  TOOLS Illustrator, Procreate WHERE Designed at Identity Graphics Services, Duncan BC, during my position as Junior Designer. Working collaboratively with IGS Creative Director.


APPROACH Munchie Planets aims to create fun, loving and sweet vibes for their customers and employees. We wanted the logo to match their lively atmosphere. The theme was well known as outer space. The idea came to show an ice cream cone "planet" similar to Saturn through sketches, using mint chip ice cream flavor as color inspiration. From there, we explored type choices. This bubbly, chunky font matches well with the space connection. We created a variety of different gradients as well. Final colour choices were made by IGS Creative Director.


DESIGN SOLUTION & DELIVERABLES The final logo is displayed outside their shop, on wall vinyl decals, on their website, and on business cards. What we created for Munchie Planet was a starting point for further branding decisions that worked cohesively with all other aspects of the shop.