Inn on Long Lake
A hospitable oasis

PROJECT BRIEF  | STUDENT PROJECT | Recieve a local client who wants to refresh their brand. Help conceptualize their visual direction for them. Research the company and its competition to meet its goals for the project. Also, create a Brand Standard guide and keep a process journal. WHAT I DID Illustration, Logo Design, Branding, Typography, Layout, Book Design TOOLS Illustrator, Procreate, Photoshop, Indesign CLIENT Inn on Long Lake 

ABOUT Inn on Long Lake is a hotel on beautiful Long Lake in Nanaimo, British Columbia. With its unique sense of history and connection to nature, they are thoughtful in creating relationships with their guests. Perfectly cleaned and well-maintained classic rooms and suites with outstanding customer service. Proudly independently owned and operated, they take an active role in service to their community. The Inn on Long Lake partners with many local companies to promote all Nanaimo offers.


APPROACH First, I created a Client Survey Form to create a baseline of data about the company to focus my intentions on the branding project. By getting answers to as many of the questions as possible through my research, I demonstrated a better idea of how to proceed with the branding work. I then used all the information I'd gathered to conceptualize. I started by sketching—a lot. Then moved on to type and colour choices. There were many critiques sessions with other students to fine-tune this branding. 


EXPLORATION I had various shapes and features in mind that all read as nature. The pool house building on site is an exciting landmark; it could work for the logo. After receiving feedback on the sketches, narrowed-down options were chosen. This unique curve shape ties back to their original logo, which resembles a window. 

For the type exploration, I was looking for an elegant typeface with bold and light weights and interesting serifs. Some have a “west coast” and “classic” feel. For colors, my research led me to warm and cool natural tones that mirror the lake, trees, and sunrise. 


DESIGN SOLUTION & DELIVERABLES The final project package included logo concepts in color and black and white, a standards sheet, a process journal, and a brand standards guide. The brand standard guide included The official version of the logo, in all its possible, permitted variations (color, black & white, black & white reversed, extra small, extra large, etc.), and all the rules that pertain to the use of the logo (what to do, what not to, the amount of free space that must be used). 

It could also include your logo used in real-life scenarios. Since this was hotel branding, I chose to mock up the logo for related uses such as stationery and room accessories.  


TAKEAWAY SKILLS Know how to craft a business identity, its related collateral material, and a standards and branding manual  Be able to create that identity and develop it across all appropriate media.  Know what the appropriate media is and how this is applied to real life.