Joust of the Saracen

Illustration, Branding, Typography, Layout, Visual Coding

In the initial phase of this student project, I took on the creative direction for an event poster. The event, whether real or fictitious, was to be conceptualized by the client, who serves as the target audience. My responsibilities encompassed various aspects such as illustration, wireframing, typography, layout design, and visual coding.

Utilizing a combination of design tools, including Illustrator, Procreate, Photoshop, XD, and Webflow, I crafted a visually appealing and cohesive poster that effectively communicated the essence of the event—The Joust of the Saracen. This project not only involved artistic elements but also required thoughtful consideration of the event's theme and the preferences of the client, who was an active participant in the collaboration.

Moving into Phase II of the project, my focus shifted to translating the poster design into a web format. This stage involved leveraging my skills in visual coding and utilizing Webflow to bring the creative vision to life online. The goal was to maintain the aesthetic integrity of the poster while optimizing it for the digital medium, ensuring a seamless and engaging user experience for the online audience.


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Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Vancouver Island, BC, Canada