Life is what you celebrate

PROJECT BRIEF | STUDENT PROJECT | This capstone research project in user interaction and user-interface design, focusing on user-centered design. Develop and design a semester-long major project, drawing on work in usability heuristics and various design methodologies from prior courses to design a site/application for desktop and mobile devices. WHAT I DID Illustration, Logo Design, Branding, Typography, Layout, WireFraming, Hi-Fi Mockups, Typography TOOLS Illustrator, Adobe XD, Procreate, Photoshop


ABOUT  Jubilee is an event reminder app with a unique vibe and a sense of humor. You can create avatars/profiles for your friends and family within the app. Never miss a special occasion again! Add important dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations. Other features include pre-created messages, gift reminders, shopping links, and more. 

APPROACH: Step one is to understand the target users, their demographics, behaviors, and preferences. Conduct user research through surveys, interviews, and usability testing to gain insights into their needs and pain points. The target audience is busy young adults who would like to stay connected with friends and family in a heartfelt and accessible way. Step two organizes content and features to allow users to find what they need quickly. Considering hierarchies, navigation systems, and labeling conventions.

Applying visual elements that align with the app's brand and target audience, including colors, typography, and graphic styles. Creating a visually appealing, consistent design enhances usability and communicates the app's purpose. Many event reminder apps are out there but often lack lightness and fun. Celebrations are joyous, and that comes through to the user with color. These bright colors delight and create an experience of joy; mixing them generates a party atmosphere. These colors inspire the user to bring cheer into the lives of their loved ones and make a cause for celebration!


TAKEAWAY SKILLS User research and understanding • Information architecture and organization • Wireframing and prototyping • Visual design and branding • User interface (UI) design • Interaction design and usability principles • Usability testing and feedback analysis • Collaboration and effective communication • Analytical thinking and problem-solving • Continuous learning and staying updated with industry trends.