What is the Squeeze?

Why you should give a sh*t

CHALLENGE This series is designed in a consistent fashion, slide-to-slide and visually tied together. The infographics are designed for viewing on Instagram in a multi-image carousel. This is a university project with a real client. CLIENT Generation Squeeze WHAT I DID Illustration, Typography, Layout, Infographics TOOLS Illustrator, Procreate


ABOUT The client is Generation Squeeze, a Canadian organization that advocates on behalf of young adults. The purpose of the this project is to demonstrate the narrative of “The Squeeze” to effectively communicate the problems facing younger people in Canada today. The statistics and logo were provided by Gen Squeeze.


APPROACH We were given a few parameters to this project, but were mostly told to have fun with it. We were tasked to only use their key font Museo Sans and their logo (or their social media) handle must be visible. Gen Squeeze’s target audience is in their 20s and 30s, with a higher percentage of people identifying as women. 

DESIGN SOLUTION & DELIVERABLES The final designs are 7 images sized at 1080px x 1080px for appropriate Instagram viewing and sharing size. My design is bold and relatable, with a large focus on typography and dramatic use of white space. I wanted the viewer to feel fired up and create a sense of urgency on these issues plaguing young people today.

TAKEAWAYS Visual style and content is tailored to the interests and needs of the target audience • Content hierarchy/sequence is clearly established • Copy reflects messaging (themes) • Language (tone) used by Gen Squeeze in other marketing materials (social media) websites)