Night tide nanaimo

Illustration, Branding, Typography, Layout

Assigned the NightTide Nanaimo way-finding case study for Downtown Nanaimo, I employed illustration, typography, layout design, and infographics using Illustrator and Procreate. The project aimed to promote Downtown Nanaimo's nighttime offerings.

The design solution included strategically placed map stations across three districts, offering information tailored to day and night. Stations featured timed lighting for visibility, powered sustainably by solar energy in warmer months and standard electricity otherwise.

NightTide's goal was to create a lively outdoor nightlife in Downtown Nanaimo. The physical map, housed in a waterproof drawer on each station, was tactile and inclusive, catering to the visually impaired with Braille and raised lines. Printed on recycled materials, it embodied NightTide's commitment to sustainability and accessibility.


© 2024 Mary-margret Degraaf 
Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Vancouver Island, BC, Canada