NightTide Nanaimo

interactive Map

CHALLENGE  NightTide Nanaimo is a way-finding university case study. NightTide is a project to inspire people from all walks of life to enjoy what Downtown Nanaimo offers at night. CLIENT Downtown Nanaimo WHAT I DID Illustration, Typography, Layout, Infographics TOOLS Illustrator, Procreate

ABOUT NightTide's goal is to create a bustling and bright outdoor nightlife in the heart of Downtown Nanaimo. This map will be provided in a physical take-home copy folded in a waterproof drawer on the station itself. It is a tactile and braille map for blind users. The paper will be printed from recycled materials, providing a tactile experience with raised lines. 


DESIGN SOLUTION & DELIVERABLES Stationed in the 3 districts will sit a map station of Downtown Nanaimo. The series of maps will detail different information depending on the time of day (Day/Night). Each station will be fixed with lighting on a timer to be better seen at night. The stations will be run by solar power in the spring/summer and standard electricity during the less sunny months.