Cowichan Exhibition Fair 2023

Map design

CHALLENGE Design a map of the Cowichan Exhibition grounds for vendors and attendees. CLIENT Cowichan Exhibition Park WHAT I DID Illustration, Typography, Layout, Infographics TOOLS Illustrator, Procreate, Indesign, Photoshop, WordPress


ABOUT The client is Cowichan Exhibition Park. The Cowichan Exhibition hosts a 3-day event that honors the traditions of past fairs. This year is their 155th year of hosting. They celebrate all the Valley produces in home baking, field and garden produce, flowers, photography, fine arts, quilts and needlework, hobbies and crafts, livestock, and 4-H. 


APPROACH Preliminary steps were determining the map's purpose and identifying the target audience. Understand what information the map needs to convey and how it will be used. Collecting all the relevant geographic data for the map. This included physical features, landmarks, boundaries, roads, or any other information required to represent the subject matter accurately. 

The balance of negative space, the distribution of symbols and labels, and the overall harmony of the composition were significant. I then reviewed the map's design thoroughly, checking for accuracy, readability, and effectiveness. Seeking feedback from others, especially those familiar with the subject matter or target audience, is helpful for the overall end product. 


TAKEAWAY SKILLS Spatial thinking and visualization • Data analysis and interpretation • Visual communication and design • Attention to detail and accuracy • Problem-solving and critical thinking • User-centric design and understanding of target audience • Collaboration and incorporating feedback.