Making art work

Illustration, Logo Design, Branding, Typography, Layout, WireFraming, Hi-Fi Mockups

This capstone research project focused on user interaction and user-interface design, emphasizing user-centered design principles. My responsibilities included illustration, logo design, branding, typography, layout, wireframing, and hi-fi mockups using Illustrator, Adobe XD, and Photoshop.

The project aimed to address the lack of guidance for high school students interested in pursuing creative careers. I created personas and journey maps to guide the design process, considering the target audience's needs and preferences.

The design solution comprised a fully conceptualized XD prototype and mock-ups, accompanied by a comprehensive assets library. The app targeted high school students aged 14-18, emphasizing parental involvement and featuring bold, fun design elements. Typography choices balanced bold headings with legible sans-serif body copy, while the color palette reflected creativity and adventure.

Key takeaways included setting project goals based on research, proposing information architecture, identifying essential features, and implementing appropriate user interface patterns to meet user needs effectively.


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Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Vancouver Island, BC, Canada