Making art work

PROJECT BRIEF | STUDENT PROJECT | This is a capstone research project in user interaction and user-interface design, focusing on user-centered design. Students will develop and design a semester-long major project, drawing on their work in usability heuristics and various design methodologies from prior courses to design a site/application for desktop and mobile devices WHAT I DID Illustration, Logo Design, Branding, Typography, Layout, WireFraming, Hi-Fi Mockups. TOOLS Illustrator, Adobe XD

ABOUT In 2021, research has shown the younger generations' keen interest in careers within creative sectors. Luckily for them, creative industries are stronger and more lucrative than ever, with an entire spectrum of jobs to choose from. Unfortunately, most students feel they do not receive adequate guidance, support or encouragement in their pursuit of a creative career from parents teachers or career advisers. ArtWork exists to inform and inspire young people about careers in the creative industries.


APPROACH Since the branding had been created already in our previous semester, it was time to focus my energy on making an app and looking at this project through the lens of digital interface design. Next, I created a persona and a journey map, this is important because it helps determine how you want your user to through your product.  


APPROACH The next tasks were very simple wire framing and then a prototype in XD. Throughout the process I was keeping in mind my target audience: The target audience is high school students aged 14-18, who are looking for resources related to pursuing work in creative industries, with a large emphasis on parent involvement. My audience is also courageous and wants to stand out.


DESIGN SOLUTION & DELIVERABLES The final project result was a fully conceptualized XD, inter-active prototype and mock-up. Within this, you will find a solid assets library including colours, typography, and components. This design is fast, simple to use and efficient. Since my topic is about discovering creative careers, I wanted my audience to enjoy themselves while learning about their new career options.

This design is a bold, fun & cohesive app with young artists in mind. With an adventurous colour palette and carefully crafted icons. The typography is specifically important, with a mixture of bold and lighthearted for headings. A solid san serif for body copy legibility. The colour palette is fun and creative, with a loud contrast of black and white serving as a foundation of seriousness.



TAKEAWAYS Establish project goals based on specific research • Propose supporting information architecture for a digital prototype • Identify essential features for your digital product that are appropriate for your user base (persona) • Employ appropriate user interface patterns in your product.